Energy Security

A steady, reliable supply of energy from Ohio shale formations and Canadian oil sands would help protect Buckeye State jobs.

Ohio is the eighth-largest consumer of natural gas in the country — which means the Buckeye state doesn’t even produce enough natural gas to meet its own demand. Development of the Ohio shale formations can change the equation, providing us with energy resources right beneath our feet.

Ohio is also the eighth-largest consumer of oil in the country. Even though the state's oil fields are mature, the state, as with many others in our nation, must rely on imported oil to fill this need.

Between in-state shale formations and oil from a friendly neighbor, Ohio can fulfill its energy demands with steady, reliable sources. These sources of energy also pose less risk of supply disruptions to consumers and businesses.

All of the above adds up to energy security and not relying on foreign partners who do not always share America’s best interests.

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