Oil, gas future looks bright for county

STEUBENVILLE — A panel of oil and gas officials predicted Wednesday that Jefferson County will see a growing interest in the energy industry in the coming months.

The quarterly workshop series hosted by the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce and the Jefferson County Port Authority at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church’s Hellenic Hall saw several energy industry experts discuss the state of oil and gas drilling as well as pipeline projects and a brighter future for natural gas rigs in the county.

“After today the mood in Jefferson County should be one of things are looking up. And with the PTT Global cracker plant planned for Belmont County, the downstream effect on this county will be definitely important,” said Mike Chadsey, director of public relations for the Ohio Oil and Gas Association.

“There are currently 114 permits in Jefferson County. We haven’t been here a lot lately because of the general slowdown. Right now Carroll County is No. 1 in Eastern Ohio, and Belmont County is second. Jefferson County is eight out of the 10 top counties, but we are seeing signs of an uptick in the local area. Harrison County is also a county to watch,” explained Chadsey.

“We are continually behind Pennsylvania, but the interest in the natural gas in Eastern Ohio never really stopped here. It slowed down, but it continued. If we burn the natural gas locally we can turn it into other projects and use it as feed stock for other products and goods. We can also sell it to gas-powered power plants,” continued Chadsey.

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