Vinton County quake probably not fracking-related, state says

Ohio Department of Natural Resources officials are investigating an earthquake reported Wednesday in southeastern Ohio, but don’t believe it was related to oil and gas production.

The initial analysis shows a 3.4 magnitude, “naturally occurring seismic event” happened at 12:24 p.m. in Elk Township, just south of McArthur in Vinton County, that was likely associated with the Athens fault line, department spokesman Eric Heis said.

He said there were no reports of injuries from the earthquake. Scientists with the department’s Division of Geological Survey calculated that the quake’s epicenter occurred 20 kilometers (or nearly 12.5 miles) below the earth’s surface, Heis said. That’s a significant depth because usually any seismic event induced by a well occurs one to two kilometers (1.24 miles or less) below the earth’s surface, he said.

“We’re still looking into it,” said Heis, who said the department received 21 “felt” reports about the earthquake.

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