Commentary: Ohio, Carroll County chambers of commerce applaud recent approval of Rover Pipeline

After a review process lasting over two years, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has finally approved construction of the Rover Pipeline and set the project on to operation. This much-anticipated decision was welcomed by the 8,000 businesses represented by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce because our members understand that what’s best for Ohio’s economy is what’s best for Ohioans. The Rover Pipeline is sure to be the ultimate economic stimulus package.

Similarly, the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce is equally devoted to ensuring that businesses and entrepreneurs in the Appalachia region are equipped with all they need to operate, thrive, and continue being the backbone of this incredible community. They too know that the Rover project will bring prosperity and growth to the region’s economy.

In 2015, Ohio’s GDP totaled out at over $608 billion, making it the seventh largest state economy in the U.S. The funds generated from projects like Rover are at the core of these numbers, creating millions of dollars of economic activity seemingly overnight.

In total, the Rover Pipeline project will contribute over $1 billion of direct spending to the U.S. economy and create over 10,000 jobs for American workers. Between 4,500 and 6,500 of those jobs will be created right here in Ohio. The state’s current unemployment rate is roughly 4.7 percent, already a very impressive number well below the national average, and Rover is bound to reduce it even further.

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