Oil, natural gas provide an economic boost to Columbiana County

September 15, 2012

Salem News

Craig Newbold, Ohio State Representative

Oil, Natural Gas Provide an Economic Boost to Columbiana County

I believe a big part of Ohio's continued economic recovery will be in the oil and natural gas industry, an area that has sparked a lot of optimism in the eastern part of the state, especially in Columbiana County. As recently reported in an area newspaper, the increase in shale activity has helped boost sales-tax revenue by more than 10 percent in March, April and May of this year.

This is obviously exciting news for the people of the county, but also a good sign that energy exploration has the potential of becoming a huge economic advantage for our state. Ohio's unemployment rate has already dropped to a full percentage point below the national average since the beginning of last year. As we move further along in the process to drill for oil and natural gas, we can expect even more jobs to be created. 

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