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Natural gas industry preparing to meet global energy demands

By 2040, global energy demand should increase by about 25 percent — which is roughly equivalent to the total energy used today in North America and Latin America — according to natural gas industry leaders.

However, officials with Exxon Mobil and the American Petroleum Institute do not believe this means there will be more air pollution from electricity generation, as they highlight the fact that carbon dioxide emissions are declining at the same time the industry is producing more natural gas.

Ohio and West Virginia Pipelines Looking Good

Federal regulators are giving favorable reviews to billions of dollars worth of pipeline infrastructure that will benefit the natural gas industry in Ohio and West Virginia, but those who live in the paths of the Atlantic Coast and Atlantic Sunrise pipelines remain concerned.

Late last year, staff members at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave preliminary approval for the enormous pipeline projects, although the process is not entirely complete. Still, officials in both Ohio and West Virginia realize how vital these pipelines are to being able to get Marcellus and Utica shale gas to market, as they believe the takeaway capacity will allow producers to make more money from the resource.

Planning a Career in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry Is an Energizing Choice

The crude oil and natural gas industry in Ohio is looking for a new crop of skilled individuals eager to meet the industry’s future workforce needs. Many believe the industry is positioned for historic growth in light of a likely renewed national focus on energy independence and domestic energy production. The mainstreaming of new technologies allowing for the safe, efficient and economical extraction of energy resources will only aid this projected expansion.